New Home Sales Trend Up 5.7% in September

Sales of new homes was up 5.7% in September of this year, which actually slightly outpaces the median analyst predictions according to this Bloomberg article. At the same time the median price of new homes has actually slumped 10% since September 2010. What does this all mean? If you’re contemplating an investment in real estate think about it from an investors perspective. Prices on new homes are going down, and sales are going up. Not a bad place to be.

Looking to invest in Real Estate? Here's Some Free Advice

Every month put’s out a newsletter  filled with a lot of great tips on navigating this often intimidating market. In September’s newsletter they covered issues such as…

  • Spotting the difference between a distressed property that has the potential to be a cash cow or a cash sinkhole.
  • An explanation of how tax lien sales and tax deed sales. The tax deed sale occurs when the homeowner doesn’t pay taxes. In that event the government auctions off the house with the minimum bid being the amount of back taxes owed plus interest. Tax lien sales are an opportunity to purchase tax liens against the property.
  • They also examine Florida’s Real Estate market, and the trend of foreclosures still rising slightly while delinquencies are dropping.

The newsletter isn’t a long read but if you’re interested in investing in Real Estate you’ll pick up some ideas.