Housing Or Stocks?

Money in handShould you hand over your money to housing or stocks? Today’s article discusses investing in the stock market versus the housing market. Here’s what they had to say, “even as the stock market soars to record highs, federal regulators are announcing new, cheaper ways for cash-strapped borrowers to buy a home. With the catastrophic housing crash of the last decade still glaring through the rear view mirror, the government is again pushing home ownership as the best way to build wealth, but is it? ” To read more, CLICK HERE.

How You Can Save With Your Homeowner's Insurance

HouseToday’s article explains how you can get a variety of homeowner’s insurance discounts and all you have to do is ask. Here’s what they had to say, “insurance companies are offering some surprising ways to save on homeowner’s insurance with four out of the top ten insurers offering a discount for a home that was recently built or renovated. Bankrate‚Äôs analysis examined the discounts offered by the ten largest insurers operating nationwide on their websites.” To read more, CLICK HERE.