Tips On Selling Your "Meh" Home

Alright so maybe your house isn’t a picture perfect, shoulda been on TV because it’s so beautiful home. But that’s okay! We have tips on how to sell your perfectly imperfect house. Here’s a quote we pulled from today’s article, “If your house needs major repairs, you can sweeten the deal by offering buyers a repair credit to subsidize the cost.”To read more, CLICK HERE.

Spring Cleaning For Peak Season

CleaningSing with me! Tis’ the season to start cleaning…Yes, it’s Spring (sorry, East Coast!) and that means that real estate agents all over will starting buzzing around to get ready for their peak season. That means a little more than breaking out the spray bottles and rags, and cleaning til it shines. “For real estate agents, March Madness has begun.” That’s your first glimpse at today’s article, to read more, CLICK HERE.

Investors Go In On Real Estate

Apartment Building“We’re allowing them to invest in geographies where they might not have known a real estate company, or might not have known anything about the underlying property.” That’s the quote we pulled from today’s article about groups of investors who gather their money online and purchase properties together. What do you think? To read more, CLICK HERE.

Should You Rent Or Buy?

FirstHouseHere’s a complicated question, should you rent or buy a home? Sometimes it’s not complicated at all, you just know that at this point in your life, it would be wiser to buy or rent. And sometimes, your decision is made for you because it’s cheaper to rent rather than buy, however, if you’re in one of these cities, you might need to buy! To read the article, CLICK HERE.