Check Out These Hot Spots For Foreign Investors

file3451252340792Today’s article discusses the top real estate hot spots for Chinese investors. Here’s what they had to say, “Big institutional Chinese investors who want global real-estate portfolios typically look for trophy projects in cities like New York, Los Angeles and London. Just this month, Hilton Worldwide agreed to sell its flagship Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City to a Chinese insurance company for $1.95 billion—the steepest price tag ever for a U.S. hotel, brokers say, although it isn’t the highest on a per-room basis.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Landlords In This Area Are Making A Lot Of $$

MortgageToday’s article discusses where landlords are making tons of money on rentals. Here’s what they had to say, “according to a new report from RealtyTrac, a leading source for comprehensive housing data, rental property in the United States posted an average annual return of 9.06% in the third quarter. That is down slightly from 9.65% in the same year-ago quarter, but still represents a significant return for landlords.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Foreclosed Home

Door KnobWhen you are planning to buy a home, your first thought may not be to buy a foreclosed home. However, if you do find yourself deciding whether you should buy a foreclosed home, you should check out today’s article. The article explains step by step what you should do. Here’s one tip, “Get Help From a Real Estate Broker Who Specializes in Foreclosed Homes. Some real estate brokers and agents have relationships with banks, and broker the selling of the banks’ foreclosed properties, also known as “real estate owned” properties.” To read all of them, CLICK HERE.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Fixer Upper

Fixer UpperWith all of the home improvement shows on television now, buying a fixer upper and creating an amazing house seems like a no brainer. But can you actually afford to buy a home that may require major repairs and improvements? Today’s article discusses your options. Here’s what they had to say, “committing to a fixer-upper is a big decision, one that can impact your financial picture for years to come. Before you start swinging a hammer, you’ll first need to find a way to finance your purchase. You may need a specialized mortgage product to buy a fixer-upper. Some lenders and loan types want properties in “move-in ready” condition, which can obviously pose a problem.”