You'll Want To Learn How To Play This Game

Monopoly HouseWant to play a game? This game is called the real estate market game and today’s article explains how to play it. “The slowdown is good news for home buyers, of course. And recent weakness in real-estate investments, including home builders, has created opportunities for bargain hunters, some analysts say. But if the Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates next year, as expected, the cost of financing will increase—making things tougher for buyers and investors alike.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Investing In Real Estate Abroad For Under $100

Abroad LivingWant to invest in real estate abroad? How about the UK and how about doing it for under $100? Sounds a little too good to be true. But believe it or not, today’s article discusses how it’s possible. Here’s what they had to say about the company, “Property Partner will deal exclusively with residential real estate and will allow investors to trade their interests, something that’s not been possible in the sector before.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Check Out How This Couple Is Paying Off Their 30-year Mortgage

MortgageThirty years to pay something off just sounds crazy but, as you know, 30 years is a typical timeframe to pay off your home. However, today’s article features one couple’s story and how they are trying to make their 30-year mortgage into a 15 year one. Here’s a little preview, “…buying a home is a huge commitment of time, money, and energy. But what if you could pay off your mortgage in half that time? Tom Cox and his wife, Vickie, are close to doing just that. Both now 46, the couple decided they would buy a home in 2000 but with the caveat of “going all in,” as they say.” To check out their story and to read more, CLICK HERE.

Getting Out Of A Sticky Real Estate Situation

NYC HouseToday’s article tells the story of a couple who went a little too buy crazy when they had the opportunity but were soon stressed out to the max. Here’s a quote, “they had binged and bought three condos in Florida during the real-estate boom, but by 2011 were underwater by more than $300,000 on those mortgages. Even after receiving rents, they were losing $4,000 a month from servicing the loans and paying for repairs and other carrying costs.” Want to read more, CLICK HERE.

What Housing Prices Are Doing Now

Real Estate SuburbsToday’s article discusses the growth of housing prices and how more recently it has slowed down. Here’s what the author had to say, “the S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index says home prices in the U.S. grew 6.2 percent in the 12 months ending June. The recovery from the March 2012 low is more than 27 percent. Since April, though, average home prices have grown month to month at a pace of 1.1 percent or less.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Making You First-Time Home Purchase Less Stressful

StressedBuying your first home is an exciting life event. But it can also be the most stressful event in your life. Today’s article features several different loan options for the first time home buyer. Here’s one, “If you don’t have much to put down on a home, a Federal Housing Authority (FHA) insured loan could be the way to go. Insured by the U.S. government, they are available for first-time buyers and allow you to put as little as 3.5 percent down, according to the Housing and Urban Development FHA website.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

What Happens When Two Bubbles Collide

Two BubblesThere has been nothing but negativity in the news lately, including talks of another “bursting bubble.” Today’s article discusses the event where both the real estate and stock market bubbles collide. Here’s a quote from the article, “if the stock bubble bursts, the exit strategy is most probably not going to be reinvesting in real estate. By monitoring the housing starts in the U.S., a sad realization surfaces. They’re disappointing. The real-estate market isn’t recovering at the pace expected. Many of the millennial generation, burdened by their heavy student debts, cannot even afford renting apartments on their own, let alone invest in the still overheated real estate. ” CLICK HERE.

Good News For Commercial Real Estate

SkyscraperIn a time where there isn’t a whole lot of good news to go around we bring you today’s article. The article discusses a 96 page report about commercial real estate growing. Here’s a quote from the article, “The good news is that the commercial real estate industry grew at the strongest pace yet over the past year since the economic recovery began in 2011, according to a report recently released by NAIOP, the national commercial real estate development association.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

What Will Happen With Real-Estate Website Merger

zillow-logoTwo huge real-estate websites are merging and it has some real-estate agents nervous but others are looking forward to it. Zillow and Trulia have become two well-known names in the real-estate world but will now be one. Here’s what the article had to say about the merge, “Zillow, the most-trafficked real-estate website, agreed to buy Trulia, the No. 2 company, hoping to create a market behemoth that will dominate listings of homes for sale and other information that buyers and sellers covet.” Want to read on to see what else they have to say, CLICK HERE.

Winning A Bidding War

BusinessBidding on a house can be the most stressful event in the home buying process. After who knows how long, weeks or months of searching, you finally find the house of your dreams. It’s got all of your must haves and is even in your budget but it comes down to a bidding war and you may lose the house. How do you get your home? Today’s article looks at strategies to winning a bidding war. “…have a clear understanding of what the home is worth to you and how far you are willing to go to win it. Once you know this, the following steps can help you come out on top in a real estate bidding war:” To check out the steps, CLICK HERE.